Iden­tity designed by Osl0-based The Metric System for new burger joint Illegal Burger.


I wish I had a legitimate reason for why I need business cards. Unfortunately, I do not. However, If I was to get business cards, I would want them to look exactly like this. These cards for Adam Rix (by Adam Rix)  are so fun and different, I absolutely love them.

I love the use of foil blocking to add a bit of sparkle and flare to the colorful illustrations. 


Designed by Wilburn Thomas for FEW Spirits, these bottles are really beautiful. I think I love the vintage inspired logos the most. The monochromatic labels and the decorative elements remind me so much of the old stamps I used to collect when I was a kid. 


The Wooden Truth  |

The Wooden Truth Printing Press is a small letterpress studio run by graphic designer, Andrew Chapman, based in historic Lewes in glorious East Sussex.

the design blog: facebook | twitter

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An adorable branding for a milk company that’s main cliental are kids. I think they were pretty successful. After all, I’m 19 and I even want to drink it.

Designed by Eskimo Design.


Branding for Glasgow fish restaurant Crabshakk, designed by Good

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